Relax and restore is our signature restorative yoga class.  This all-levels beginner friendly class incorporates restorative yoga and meditation to encourage restful sleep and relaxation. Class begins with 5 to 7 minutes of meditation.  Students are then guided through several relaxing postures with the use of props and blankets which are usually sustained for 3 to 5 minutes. Class ends in deep relaxation.

Candlelight Flow is a beginner friendly yoga class that links movement with breath.  Class begins with meditation, followed by a gentle warm-up, then heats up with our standing and balancing series.  A gentle cool down follows and class ends in total relaxation.

This all-levels power yoga flow is designed to heat you up from the inside out. Class begins with a core infused warm-up, followed by a playful vinyasa flow sequence. Class ends with a restorative cool down and ends in total relaxation.

Fuego Flow is a high intensity yoga class set to Afro Caribbean beats. Class fuses d ance, core strengthening and a playful yoga flow designed to light you up on and off the mat. This is a level 2+ and up class. Let us know if you’re unsure whether this class is for you.

Participants will be led through a 30-minutes of guided breathing and meditation exercises to start their day.  Class will include various sitting and standing meditations and learn ways to incorporate meditation into their daily lives regardless of how much time they have.