Keep Your Zen During The Holidays

The holidays are open us; and for some of us that means long lines at stores, long to do lists, extensive family gatherings and elaborate
meals. It can be easy to fall out of the
habit of self-care, and to dedicate every free moment to taking care of loved
ones and our additional, seasonal responsibilities. Here are some tips to help keep you grounded
throughout the holiday season and beyond:

M- Mediate at least five minutes a day. Pick a quiet spot in your bedroom, office or
car when you have a few moments to yourself.
Set the alarm on your phone for five minutes, sit in a comfortable
position, close your eyes and breathe.
That’s it! If you can, you light
your favorite candle or oil to enliven your senses. The goal here is to sit still and just
breathe. Let your thoughts float away
even if it’s just for those 5 minutes a day.
When the timer goes off, it’s time to go back to your regularly
scheduled program. Even a brief, daily
mediation practice can help to reduce stress, anxiety and can increase overall

A- Act Silly!
As adults, it’s easy to take ourselves too seriously and to not even
take time to smile. So, go ahead and put
on your favorite song and dance around the house in your pajamas. Give yourself permission to fall out of a
pose during your yoga practice. Go for a
run around outside while wearing two different sneakers. Channel your inner child and be free. You’ll be glad you did and so will everyone
else around you.

S- Steep your own spiced, herbal tea. Save
a few dollars and create your own favorite drinks! Spiced teas such as chai, cinnamon and
pumpkin can also help you stay warm during the changing weather. These drinks will aid in the digestion of all
of the colorful cuisine you may partake in during the holiday season. They are also pretty delicious.

H- Hug at least two people a day. One of those can be a self-hug, self-love is
great! Hugs are a sign of affection,
love, intimacy and are also natural ways to release the Serotonin and Dopamine
hormones. These are two “feel good” hormones
which are also neurotransmitters that regulate our mood and how we feel in our

Remember, do everything in moderation. Be kind to your body, and it will be kind to you.

Peace and Blessings,

Sista Yogi