Life with Marley

I’m a mom, entrepreneur and a yogi.  I decided to create this blog within my blog to share a little more about how my practice is intertwined with being a mommy,  which is intertwined with my business.  Be a part of this journey and feel free to share your thoughts!



3 Month Milestones

My little one made three months last week and she’s has already grown so much!  Her smile mesmerizes everyone and she’s got the “happy baby” pose down like a seasoned yogi. She can pretty much hold her head up on her own and is amazed at her ability to roll from back to side to tummy and back again.   My diaper changing skills are improving and she’s just about sleeping through the night.  While I hope my renditions of Elmo’s world and other children theme songs that I sing to her are impressive, what’s more impressive is how she inspires me to be more present in my life and our interactions.

The Power of Nursing

We’ve created a little ritual around nursing.  I grab some blankets and pillows and find a cozy spot when it’s time to feed her.  Initially, I would use one hand to hold her and the other to respond to emails and play words with friends.  Marley let me know that she’s no longer having that.  She wraps her hand around my fingers when she’s nursing and even resorts to kicking away whatever’s in my other hand to make sure I have her full attention.  It’s as if she’s telling me, “be here- with me- right now mommy.”

This helped me realize that in those moments when she’s nursing, nothing else matters.  Everything else can wait.  This is really a sacred experience.  We’re not  promised the next minute, hour or day.

Be Present

Take time to be present with your loved ones and let them know how you feel.  Pick up the phone and make the call you’ve been putting off.  Give yourself permission to all be present for yourself.  Schedule time in your day even if it’s 5 minutes to rest, recharge and enjoy doing nothing. Take that yoga class or indulge in your favorite dessert.  Communicate your needs with others as well as yourself. The more we take care of ourselves and be present in our own lives, the more we can take care of and be present for those around us.