Marley & Me

Ohm Well Fam!

Some of you may know that the week of our website launch party, I learned that I was expecting my amazing light being!  Everything else was put on hold as I prepared to be a mommy.  I worked through nausea and morning sickness and got in a few yoga practices here and there.  At one point I thought I would just trade my yoga mat back in for the corporate world – having a baby means a need for stability and may not include growing a yoga/wellness studio.

During the third trimester I began to realize how valuable my practice was and how it kept me calm and prepared during the entire practice. I taught a few classes when I could and my passion for teaching and sharing my practice grew even stronger.  I was amazed at how strong my body was and how  I was able to do deep goddess squats up until the day I went into labor!  That, along with the support of my family, tribe and partner let me know that I’m exactly where I need to be and the Ohm Well is a not only a company but a movement that we are all building together.

I’m so grateful to each of you for continuing to show up for yourself each week and for sharing your wellness journeys with me.  More to come as our health is a lifetime commitment.  That includes our upcoming Reiki training, Black and Brown Bodies in Motion retreat this fall and our first yoga teacher training in Spring 2018.  Who knows?  We may even have mommy and me classes soon.

I am proud to introduce my love and light Marley Phoenix to you all!  She inspires me to push past complacency for her and myself.   We are taking our time to get to know each other and I will let you all know when I’m officially teaching again.