Intro to Reiki: Chakra Balancing 101

Intro to Reiki: Chakra Balancing 101

This workshop is designed to give participants a working knowledge of the 7 major chakras and how they relate to processes in their bodies. It will also provide them with tips to cleanse each chakra and to become more aware of their bodies

This workshop will feature:

1. Tea Talk – Participants will gather in a circle as I lead a discussion about the chakras and how they relate to different areas of the body and ways to cleanse each. We will of course drink tea and get to know each other as well.

2. Asana Practice – Participants will partake in a modified practice to explore different poses which benefit each chakra. Will include a vinyasa flow warm up and partner work!

3. Chakra Manifestation Activity (Art) – lastly, participants will partake in a brief art project to manifest or further explore the chakra they most identify with at that particular time.

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Journey to Reiki: Level 1 & 2 Training

Join the Ohm Well’s health and wellness community for our Journey to Reiki training! This training is for everyone who is ready to heal themselves and others from the inside out.  Bring this healing work back to your community.  Reiki is great for helping to reduce anxiety and for strengthening mental and physical heal and power.


Upon completion of this training, new practitioners will receive their Reiki I and current practitioners will receive their Reiki II attunements. You will be able to provide healing adjustments to yourselves as well as others.

This training also provides:

A deeper understanding of the chakra system
An introduction to “distance healing”
Tools to deepen you
r yoga and meditation practice

What to Bring:

A willingness to transform from within

A change of clothes as we will engage in a yoga and meditation session

Yoga Mat (Some will be available for folks that need one)

A heart healthy potluck dish

This training will have a max of 10 participants to ensure as much hands on and individual instruction as possible.  Our potluck lunch helps to nourish our 7 major chakras, exposes participants to different types of food and allows us to commune with each other.

Date:   November 18, 2017

Time:   10am – 6pm

Location:   627 Opelousas St.

Investment:  $108

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*Invest in you, build community with us*