Here’s what our Ohm Well community has to say about our classes and trainings!  We are so thankful for and inspired by each of you.

Valerie is amazing. She works with people of all skill levels exceptionally well. Even beginners like me.

Stosh K., New Orleans

The Ohm Well’s Valerie McMillan is a super wonderful healer and yoga instructor who’s created a loving environment in The Ohm Well. You’ll find yourself hooked on the practice and her warmth. The Ohm Well’s services are not to be denied! Namaste.

Angela L., New Orleans

Kundalini was everything today…thanks to the Ohm Well for being so patient in my new journey to meditation.

Katrina , blogger neauxlaschmeauxla.com, New Orleans

Valerie is the best teacher. Learning Reiki with her has been so amazing; she is a loving and guiding force who helps each student connect to their inner healing power. Journey to Reiki has seriously changed my life, and I cannot recommend it enough! Valerie is also an awesome yoga instructor and her classes are […]

Victoria N., New Orleans
Will L., New Orleans