Ohm Well Community,

Our grand opening celebration was a success, thanks to each of you!! There was so much joy and labor that went into obtaining this space for our community. Your love and collective energies are appreciated and not taken for granted. To continue the celebration, we are offering 30 days of classes for $30.

Our $30 for 30 Grand Opening Special applies to all of our drop-ins: Empowered Flow, Meditation, Gentle Movement and Fuego Flow. Click here to sign up.

Invest in you and build community with us! Check out more pics from the grand opening and we will see you on the mat.

Our First Monday Class at Joe Brown of the year
Class meets Mondays + Wednesdays in Joe Brown Park’s Recreation Center 6-7 pm
Made Possible by NORDC
Our faves Chandra from FitNola and Sophie from Friends of Lafitte Greenway enjoying the space and building community. Sistar Onika showing love and rocking her Girl trek jacket.
Ohm Well Instructor Porsche Jackson and Capoeira New Orleans led a roda during our celebration! We’re looking forward to having capoeira at the Studio
$30 for 30 Grand Opening Special