What is yoga?

Yoga is the union of mind, body and spirit and links physical movement with breath. Yoga is for everybody and every age.

Benefits of yoga

Benefits of yoga include but are not limited to: increased strength, flexibility, natural muscle definition, stamina, self-esteem and stress reduction.

What to expect during class?

Our yoga classes normally last between 60 and 75  minutes.  Newcomers welcome!  Feel free to take breaks whenever you need or sit in a restorative pose the entire class.  Advanced practitioners are also welcome as modifications are provided to deepen and challenge your practice.

Students have been known to sweat, laugh and even cry during class.  Community is built as we dance together in our bodies and create a musical harmony with our breath.

Here are some of the Ohm Well’s class descriptions:

Sun Flow

Sun flow is a beginner friendly yoga class that links movement with breath.  Class begins with meditation, followed by a gentle warm-up, then heats up with our standing and balancing series.  A gentle cool down follows and class ends in total relaxation.

Sun Power Flow

Sun power flow is the level 2 version of our sun flow series.  Class begins with a core warm up and incorporates more challenging transitions, balancing postures and inversions.  The internal heat that this class builds up allows us to go do deeper into hip openers and other postures that promote flexibility.  Class ends with meditation and total relaxation.

Fuego Flow

Fuego flow is an intermediate/advanced  yoga class that engages students in a vigorous and powerful flow.  This high intensity class places emphasis on strengthening the core and increasing flexibility.  Class ends with a  cool down and  total relaxation.  The class is set to Latin and Caribbean music to help students jump start their day.
Relax and Restore

Relax and restore is our signature restorative yoga class.  This all-levels beginner friendly class incorporates restorative yoga and meditation to encourage restful sleep and relaxation.  Students are guided through several relaxing postures with the use of props and blankets which are usually sustained for 3 to 5 minutes.  A consistent meditation and restorative yoga practice also helps to alleviate stress and can help with time management and reactivity to external stimuli.

Meditation for the Busy Yogi


Participants will be led through guided breathing and meditation exercises to start their day.  Class will include various sitting and standing meditations and learn ways to incorporate meditation into their daily lives regardless of how much time they have.