Many of us are sitting behind our desks, computers and phone even more these days. It’s a constant barrage of news updates, social media feeds, daily obligations social distancing rules, and new tik tok challenges. You may find yourself continuously exhausted and over whelmed. You are definitely not alone. Here are some tips to help bring a little bit of ease throughout our day.

Practice Mindful Breathing

Here are some breathing exercises that can help us quiet the mind, if only for a little bit. Deep, mindful breathing can help to regulate our emotions and can ease physiological symptoms of anxiety in our body.

Ask For Help

It’s ok to ask for help with dealing with anxiety, depression and everything else that we may be experiencing. Seek out a therapist or physician, such as those found at www.mettavisions.com and keep going until you find that someone that resonates with you.

Write it Out

Journaling has been so therapeutic for me during the past year. It helps me get my thoughts out on paper and sometimes I release a little bit of anxiety and anger as well. You can journal in the notes section of your phone or even download an app. When something triggers us, we can write it down and start to notice any patterns and behaviors that arise. That way we can develop ways to decrease our reactivity to these external stimuli when they arise. I recently purchased a journal from https://hertherapyspace.com/ and am looking forward to some talk therapy sessions with a new therapist soon!

Stretch it Out

This is a great time to give yoga a try. There are a lot of virtual and in-person offerings going on everywhere. Yoga is the union of mind, body and spirit and encourages us to utilize our breath to bring ease into the body. Yoga is for everybody. The goal in all of our classes is for you to move in a way that feels good to you.

Remember that our wellness is not linear and give yourself permission to wash, rinse and repeat these tips as often as needed!

Are We Done Yet? Tips to Tackle Stress, Anxiety and The Triggers of Our Modern World.