Ohm Well Instructor, Doula and Healer Extraordinaire Melanie Schatz on Vacation

In the age of Corona, now is the time to practice self care and try some solo vacation excursions. So mask up as needed and check out some of these tips to shake off your cabin fever.

Go skiing

Skiing holidays can be fun by yourself or with a group. Though I recommend a small group on your first try for safety reasons ya know.

Attend a virtual or socially-distanced music festival

Ok, we all are ready to see our faves live in action. We’re almost there y’all. I’m personally planning to see the Backstreet Boys in Canada for my 39th birthday. Because yes, I want it that way. Check out some of these music festivals for some inspiration on things to look forward to.


Whenever I travel, I take in a local yoga class. The sexiest class I took was in Toronto, because the teacher spoke in French, then translated in English for me. I felt so special and amazing! I’m also always on the lookout for some new yoga gear. Check out these red white and blue yoga pants. Maybe I will curate a hero themed class this year.

When in doubt, bike it out

I am not a regular cyclist but plan to invest in some family bikes soon. I’m also loving all of the protected bike lanes going up around time. That makes me feel a little more comfortable with taking my little one on rides. Cycling is also a great way to get around new cities! Another perk is that is helps to tighten up the quads and glutes. Give yourself permission to get on a bike and see the views around you.

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