We’ve started a weekly video blog to share tips on how to cultivate an at home wellness practice.

These tips are important for our general quality of life. They are proving to be even more crucial during this pandemic and quarantine.

So far my besite Joshua and Ohm Well instructor Abeo has joined me on these chats.

Read, Read and read some more. I’ve scheduled a daily reminder on my phone to read (a book) for 30 minutes a day. Take a break from the constant news cycles and get lost in a good read! Here are some reading recommendations:

  1. Your Best Year by Charlotte Lucas. (Currently Reading)
  2. The Book of Joy: Lasting Happiness in a Changing World by The Dalai Lama, Desmond Tutu and Douglas Abrams. (up next on my list)
  3. Shadow Hunter series by Cassandra Clare (Josh’s recommendation).
  4. Year of Yes By Shonda Rhimes
  5. How Yoga Works by Christine McNally and Michael Roach. (Highly Recommend)

Schedule time for what you need

  1. Make time to cry – Give yourself permission to honor all of the feelings that you’re experiencing. Sometimes we aren’t able to let us fully release when we’re working at school or taking care of loved ones. Remind yourself that it’s ok not to be strong all of the time.
  1. Schedule time to rest – You May think this is a no brainer but so many of us never leave work or caregiver mode. Schedule 30 minutes to just sit, veg out and listen to your favorite music. 
  1. Schedule time for fun – Fun may look like taking a nice long walk or trying out a canoe for the first time. It may also mean putting on a fashion show in the middle of your living room. 
  1. Schedule time with loved ones. – Connect with your loved ones, even virtually. Set up a weekly 30 minute video chat to catch up with each other. If you’re in the same time, make it a socially distant bike ride. 

Move Your Body!

My key to an active lifestyle is finding a physical activity that makes you feel good, in addition to eating food that fuels your body. Of course my fav physical activity is yoga but find what gives you joy. Kickboxing, jump rope, running, walking and playing sports all have their perks.

Cultivate Your Green Thumb 

Now I’ve always liked to grow an ivy or two. Once we got in the thick of staying at home, my desire to grow green things grew (see what I did there?) Seriously, gardening has become a refuge for me and so many others. I even signed up for this LSU AG center gardening course. Check it out and look at these other ways to bring more plants into your life. Not only do planes bring fresh oxygen into the air, their presence also helps to boost our mood and can help us move our bodies! 

So these are our tips for now. What are yours? Join us Mondays at 10:30 on Instagram Live @theohmwell for more chats. 

Until then,

Peace and Love,


At Home Wellness Practice: When The Quarantine is Not Enough