Ohm Well Community,

There’s a lot of stress, anxiety, and uncertainty going around lately and this can make it very hard to find the motivation to keep up with our wellness practice. Give yourself permission to breathe and reset.

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Vary Your Diet Regime

Maybe we indulged a little bit in our favorite pies, gumbo and other treats over the holidays. Vary out your diet regime and dig deep in some vegetables and lean protein, or something like the prolon diet.  Maybe it lasts a few hours or a few days. ? At least you tried something new.

Move Your Body

Blast some music and dance around the kitchen. Play in the garden with your family. Go outside and enjoy some fresh air.


Choose your yoga practice based on what you feel you need. A power vinyasa session can help if you feel bloated and sluggish. Maybe you need the grounding of a slow flow or yin class. Spend some time with your mat, just exploring your practice, and reminding yourself of what feels good. 

Spend Time With Your Loved Ones

If you’re feeling stressed and anxious, it’s not a good idea to bottle these feelings up. Instead, try to spend time with your loved ones, whether friends or family and talk. You could meet in person, or arrange phone calls or video calls if you’re in quarantine. The world is strange at the moment, so chances are, the people love are probably struggling a bit too. It could be helpful for both of you to talk about how you feel for a while, share coping strategies, and cheer each other up. 


You can’t look after yourself if you aren’t getting enough sleep. In the evenings, try to unplug a little earlier. Turn the television off and put your phone down at least an hour before you head to bed. The blue light from screens can make it harder to fall asleep, so a screen break before bed is a good idea. Instead, do something relaxing, like reading a good book or taking a hot bath. Try to go to bed a little earlier than usual, so you can get in some more sleep. 

Be Gentle With Your Self