Ohm Well Community,

Did you know that we offer Capoeira classes at the studio? Class is held Wednesday evenings from 6:15-7:15 pm with a community rate of $8. It is such a great compliment to yoga.

Class is led by Porsche Jackson, aka Maratona in the Capoeira world. She has been training Capoeira for nearly 9 years. She is the mother of an 11-year-old young man who shares a love for the Brazilian Martial Art. Besides training Capoeira, she also enjoys running and weight lifting. On top of her full-time job and rigorous training schedule, she is completing a Doctorate in Business. Maratona is excited to teach you this unique Martial Art and hopes you enjoy it as much as she does!

Here’s more info about Maratona’s journey to Capoeira and why you should join us in class!

What is Capoeria?

Capoeira is a Marital Art that was created by the slaves in the South American country of Brasil.

How is capoeira rooted in the resistance?

Capoeira is how the African slaves in Brasil fought for their freedom. Their fighting was disguised as dancing, their songs had messages and the instruments also played a part in signaling if trouble was coming.

How is Capoeira beneficial for women in particular?

Capoeira can help increase physical strength and flexibility by learning to use your own body. It can help to increase awareness because you have to be aware of things going on around you, especially in a roda. It can also help by making you better prepared to defend yourself.It is also beneficial because it creates a family environment. Many people that train are parents, and they bring their children to class while they train. Don’t be intimidated. Capoeira is for everyone

What led me to Capoeira?

My son. I needed to change my workout routine. When my son was younger, I wanted to find a martial art for him to train that would keep him active. Around the same time, I was getting bored with just running and lifting weights everyday. Not only did Capoeira keep my son active, but it was the perfect alternative workout. Literally everything that I gained in other forms of training, I found in Capoeira. On top of that I gained music, history, another language and another family and it is no longer just a workout it has become a part of my life.

What to expect from the class?

The class will teach basic movements, that will lead to basic sequences and continue to grow from there. You will learn the music of capoeira both the songs and the instruments. With all that combined, you will begin to learn a new language. You will also learn about the history, the people and places that played major roles in Capoeira being what it is today.

Check out this Porsche and her Capoeira home Nola Capoeira in action here. Click here to reserve your space in class. Invest in you and build community with us.

Capoeira at The Ohm Well