Black and Brown Bodies in Motion (BBM), is a collaboration with the Ohm Well’s Valerie McMillan and Wildseeds: The New Orleans Octavia Butler Emergent Strategy Collective. It features curvy-body friendly yoga and meditation. This weekly class centralizes the complex identities of Black and Brown individuals and is open to self-identified persons of color only. BBM is a direct response to the marginalization and or invisibility of yogis of color in traditional yoga studios and classes.


What to expect?

Each class begins and ends in a circle, which allows participants to check in with their bodies, their thoughts and each other.  Consent is discussed throughout the session to remind participants that they are in control of their bodies; and they decide what types of touch and sharing are appropriate for them within each moment.

Different themes are explored each week such as heart openers to facilitate us exploring forgiveness, or ways to incorporate joy and pleasure into our everyday lives. You may laugh, cry, sweat and even meet a new friend.  

Most classes are yoga based, however we also have guest teachers that may lead the class through dance or even martial arts.  Check the schedule for up to date class info!

What to bring?

Bring an openness to breathe and invite change into your body.  Feel free to bring your own mat, towel or water bottle. We will have some mats available for you to borrow.

Movement for Every Body

You have succeeded just by showing up for class.  Please feel welcome to sit and breathe or lie down the entire class. Move in a way that feels right for you. Many students have come to soak up the energy in the room. We welcome you and support your journey on and off the mat.