Empower is a mindfulness and movement workshop designed for young people aged 5-18. It can be tailored for specific audiences. This workshop lasts between 30 minutes and 2 hours.  The session begins and ends in a circle, which allows participants to check in with their bodies, their thoughts and each other.  Consent is discussed throughout the session to remind participants that they are in control of their bodies; and they decide what types of touch and sharing are appropriate for them within each moment.

Participants are then led through a warm up which includes an emphasis on breath and mindfulness, then move on to a yoga inspired flow.  Partner yoga stretches and activities are suggested, followed by a cool down and meditative rest.  The workshop ends in a unifying circle where the young people check back in with themselves and prepare for the rest of their day.  

*Please note, the specific movements are tailored for the individual bodies and abilities of participants. *

This workshop was piloted under IWES’s CATS program with much success. Contact us at [email protected] for pricing and to book your workshop.


Participants from IWES’ CATS program participate in Empower