The first and only time that I met with a traditional therapist was after my mom died. It didn’t work for me because I wanted someone a little more hands on and touchy feely. Yoga and reiki have often been my go to for therapeutic processes. 

The pandemic slowed down a lot of the healing practices that I had for myself and I over invested all of my time in energy into The Ohm Well and taking care of my family.  What that looked like was teaching 10 classes a week, virtually working as an adjunct and navigating pandemic life with my family. 

Then everything that I had been bottling inside started to trickle out, including grief from losing my nephew to gun violence, not having my needs met and just feeling overwhelmed. 

After several deep cleansing cries, challenging conversations and body aches, I’m once again making myself a priority.  What that looks like now is  me practicing yoga more and teaching less. I’ve been taking classes at the new Fire Flow studio but my goal is to bring more instructors to The Ohm Well so I can take classes at my own studio!!! (Yes, that was a subtle hint for all my instructors to reach out and join the krewe.)

I also finally gave talk therapy a try and love it so far. I even invested in a Her Therapy journal a few months ago as I searched for a therapist that I connected with. This journal is amazing and has several prompts so that you can work on intentions and prompts for each session before hand and space to do your homework after. 

One major takeaway from my first session is that I rationalize my wellness. During my session, I shared how I am practicing more and working on myself so that I can be a better parent, better teacher etc, instead of just working on me for me. 

 How many of us feel we are on the wheel of self-imposed self-less ness and constantly put everyone’s needs in front of ours?  Well, I acknowledge the cycle I’ve been on and am working to shift it for me.

I practice yoga because it feels good!

 I’m also investing in more fresh juices because they taste good and are good for me. I’m thankful that Wellness Honie is offering different fresh juices at the studio. This week they have stocked up their Sacral juice and it is good. Check them out during our Friday markets at the studio or visit their site here 


Friday Markets at The Ohm Well
 “Friday Markets at The Ohm Well” are slowly growing. We will slowly build this and welcome your feedback. This is our weekly open house and will give folks a chance to visit the studio, check out merchandise and support local vendors.  Send me an email at if you would like to vend or be a part of the market. 


My Therapy Journey