Hey friends,

Just want to give a little background on the intention behind Rainbow Flow at the Ohm Well. Yoga is my life’s passion. I’ve been teaching for 12 years and studying the philosophy behind it. My understanding is that yoga is an empowering practice that seeks to achieve a sense of accord or union. Inwardly this means harmonizing the various layers of the self: mind, body, and beyond. Outwardly it’s about cultivating a sense of oneness within a given community

While I have been living as queer for a bit, it wasn’t till this summer that I accepted I was transmasculine and battling a major bout of dysphoria. Dysphoria is essentially an intense feeling of incongruence. The nature of my psyche does not match the nature of my body and physiology. This mismatch creates inner conflict, friction, and frustration. 

Looking back I understand why I was so drawn to yoga, and how it probably saved my life. Yoga makes me feel like me and my body are on the same team again. This has proven to be good medicine for my dysphoria. Not saying it’s a fix all, but yoga works well with the affirming medical and psychological support I’m now receiving. I’ve been on HRT since September, and I truly believe yoga is helping me process and integrate all the changes.

Now I’m looking to share this practice with a related community and find that sense of belonging and connection yoga seeks. But, a culture of oneness cannot be achieved without equity and true inclusion. I have felt pretty okay presenting as gay in many conventional yoga spaces, but as trans I’m leary to return. LGBTQ involves many expressions of personal truth, but at the end of the day we are ONE community. If any internal group is oppressed or excluded then we all are. So I’m hoping we can come together to establish spaces where every LGBTQ feels safe and spoken to. The Ohm Well is a great place to start because health equity and inclusion are part of its mission. Hope to see you there. 

Rainbow Flow with Crow

Wednesdays @5:30 pm

$8 Drop-in

Much love, Crow

Rainbow ? Flow with Crow