Dear Serena,

You are everything! You have cemented your talent, strength,  beauty and grace into the record books and hearts of many. 

I secretly call you sister as I was pregnant the same time as you, Queen Bey and another fav, Brie Bella. Oh, what a time to be alive! Each of us had a cesarean and like so many mothers, know what it’s like to heal through a delivery that may not have been planned and that takes a physical toil on the body. 

I watched your “Being Serena”  special in awe as you shared so many intimate moments. I admit I tensed up when your coach suggested that the only way you could fully train was to give up Breastfeeding. I wanted to yell, “She will stop Breastfeeding when she is ready!” Ultimately you did what was right for you. 

In case there’s any doubt, you have a strong sisterhood with you wherever you go. We got you! We celebrate your greatness and love that you represent not only black mothers, but women in every corner of the world. 

I also notice your frustration when your body doesn’t always work the way you want on the court. It reminded me when I came back to my yoga practice after having my daughter Marley. I didn’t move as quickly and my thoughts processed more slowly. I also teach yoga and I’m still working through reclaiming my voice and power when I’m leading classes. Thank you for showing vulnerability and holding space for mothers everywhere. 

Check out this short poem that #thismama wrote for you. I hope you enjoy! 

                         Strong Like Serena

Strong like the wind, my sister, my friend 

Cool like water as it flows and bends 

Blazing through trails with the fire in your hands,

Making room for cubs to travel through too.

Admired, desired and everything in between,

Loving, Nurturing, a Mother and a true beautiful queen! 


I would love to take a yoga class with you or have you in one of my classes 

Until then.

Peace and love,


Strong Like Serena
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