Here’s what our Ohm Well community has to say about our classes and trainings!  We are so thankful for and inspired by each of you.


“aaaaa”  – Angela L.  New Orleans


“Valerie is amazing.  She works with people of all skill levels exceptionally well.  Even beginners like me”  – Stosh K.  New Orleans


Will L – New Orleans


“Kundalini was everything today…thanks to the Ohm Well for being so patient in my new journey to meditation.”  – Katrina , blogger neauxlaschmeauxla.com  New Orleans


Valerie is the best teacher. Learning Reiki with her has been so amazing; she is a loving and guiding force who helps each student connect to their inner healing power. Journey to Reiki has seriously changed my life, and I cannot recommend it enough! Valerie is also an awesome yoga instructor and her classes are always super fun and inspiring.” – Victoria N. New Orleans