Reiki translates into “universal life force” and acknowledges the energy in every living being. Life sometimes makes it easy for us to forget our innate healing abilities. We can benefit from a little extra support in order to reconnect to our own inner divine.

Reiki has been know to reduce anxiety, acute pain and to increase clarity, focus and overall joy.

The Ohm Well is excited to now offer Reiki memberships! Invest in yourself and share the gift of reiki. Memberships are $108 per month and include three 50-minute sessions. Individual sessions are $50 through December 31st. Sessions are currently held at our pop-up inside The Esplanade at City Park apartments or under the Chime tree in city park. Contact us to schedule your individual session.

Join The Ohm Well for our last Reiki training of 2019 and of this decade and reconnect to your fullest self.

Who is this training for?

Everyone that is ready to transform from the inside out. Our reiki graduates include massage therapists, yoga practitioners, medical doctors, educators, students, parents, caretakers, doulas, musicians, nurses and many more. 

How can I benefit from Reiki?

Reiki can help to reduce stress, anxiety and acute pain.

Reiki promotes restful sleep, focus, clarity and overall joy. 

What will I receive from this training?

Participants will receive a certificate of completion for Level 1 Usui Reiki.

Participants will also be able to provide reiki healing to themselves as well as others. 

Participants will be provided with tools  to begin or deepen their be meditation and yoga practice.

Practice will be immersed in a hands on introductory lecture on the 7 major chakras or energy centers of the body. 

Space is limited, click here to reserve yours!

The Gift of Reiki