We are community of healers, activists and instructors.  Combined we have over 10 years of experience offering workshops and classes.
The Ohm Team looks forward to seeing you on and off the mat. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions or comments that you have about our classes.

Valerie McMillan

Valerie is the Director of The Ohm Well and has been teaching yoga and Reiki for over 5 years. Here's more info about Valerie

Sienna Kuykendall

You can find Sienna leading our Black and Brown Bodies in Motion classes, meditation and other pop-up classes. Here's more info about Sienna

Ellenie Cruz

Ellenie leads her Crash Course Crystal workshop during our Journey to Reiki trainings, leads some of our meditation classes and does so much more! Here's more info about Ellenie

Angela LeFore

Angela is a naturalista, hair blogger, DC enthusiast and super yogi. Here's more info about Angela

Victoria Nachman

Victoria leads some of our meditation workshops and restorative classes. She also assists during our Journey to Reiki trainings. Check her out on the mat! Here's more info about Victoria

Britney Taylor

Britney Taylor is the owner and instructor at Amethyst Moon Yoga, a private yoga studio in New Orleans, Louisiana. Since completing her instructor certification in January 2015, she has been committed to making yoga accessible to those in her community. Here's more info about Britney

Lindsey Crow

Lindsey Crow is a New Orleans Native and was cosmically guided to the practice of yoga because she deeply needed a healthy way to stay wild and grow spiritually. She was inspired by the way yoga seemed to remove stress and create a sense of personal rhythm through intense situations.Here's more info about Lindsey

Mahalia Abéo Tibbs

Mahalia Abéo Tibbs is the founder of PracticeHealth, an online healing hub normalizing intentional daily holistic practice to folks who are systemically barred from it. Here's more info about Mahalia

Lauren Darnell

Lauren loves sharing the practice of yoga with others and making yoga accessible for all ages. Here's more info about Lauren

Melanie Schatz

Melanie is a Community Doula, Perinatal Yoga Instructor, Child Birth Educator, Nanny and Reproductive Justice Advocate. Here's more info about Melanie


Meketta is an advocate for holistic health and wellness. She uses trauma conscious yoga, meditation, and herbalism as intentional tools to inspire a deeper, more authentic connection with self. Here's more info about Meketta

T Duncan

T is a writer and a space holder for meditation and embodiment. Here's more info about T Duncan