I began The Ohm Well in honor of my mom Katherine, who I lost to heart disease. I wanted to change the narrative of black women’s health, including my own. The Ohm Well has grown and expanded, and I am so very proud of the community that we continue to create. During the pandemic, I loved the place we curated in the backyard of the studio when, The Ohm Well was in Gentilly. It just felt right and it’s something that I wanted to grow. The spirit of my grandmother Mary is also with me, and she tapped me on the shoulder to say, it’s time. My grandmother Mary was a self-made entrepreneur. She ran her beauty salon, her sweet shop, and later her Airbnb all out of her home. Maybe that’s why I do the absolute most.

With that, I began the process of creating the Well Garden. The Well Garden allowed me to reclaim my grandmother’s land on Charbonnet Street in the lower 9th ward to cultivate a FREE community garden, that is supported by The Ohm Well’s programming. See, there’s a lot of farmer’s markets throughout the city that offer fresh produce and other items from local farmers and vendors. The difficulty comes in that these natural foods are often price prohibitive for families that need it the most. The Well Garden seeks to alleviate at least some of that barrier. We will grow local veggies, and also partner with local farmers to expand local food co-operatives. We will also lead yoga and movement classes on the land and so much more.

So, the Well Garden was the push that I needed for The Ohm Well to become donation based. Classes at the Well Garden and at The Ohm Well will be donation based. I am also inspired by the work of Sama studio in Arabi as they are 100% donation based, and I am honored to have led classes in their beautiful space. I mean it when I say yoga, movement, adequate nutrition and wellness must be accessible to all. We offer tiered subscription packages for those that want to support our mission from near or far. Check out more info here and view our full schedule here.

The Ohm Well is now a Donation-Based studio!