We are proud to be the FIRST yoga studio to open in Gentilly and to spread not only the gift of yoga, but reiki, and capoeira, with the Greater New Orleans community! The Ohm Well is open to all but in particular strives to improve health equity among people of color, expectant families, seniors and differently-abled persons. 

With that in mind and with the need to combat Structural Racism in ways that we can, we have decided to establish the Yoga Freedom Fund! This fund will directly impact black and brown yogis and increase access to yoga and wellness workshops, training and jobs.

The Yoga Freedom Fund will benefit these first 3 initiatives:

1. Juneteenth Restorative Retreat for Black and Brown People of Color. This retreat is free and more information can be found here. A monetary goal for this retreat has been set at $2,000 and will go towards paying instructors and local artists for this event.

2. Yoga Freedom School Equity Scholarship. This scholarship will directly benefit a black person that wants to attend The Ohm Well’s Yoga Freedom School Training. More information can be found here. A monetary goal for this scholarship has been set for $3000. $2,500 will go towards tuition costs and a $500 stipend will be given to the scholarship recipient.

3. Black and Brown Bodies in Motion Non-Profit Incorporation. A monetary goal of $500 has been set to help incorporate Black and Bodies in Motion as a separate entity and non-profit. The aim of this entity is to increase access to free yoga and wellness programs in Louisiana schools.

4. Purchase a Portable ADA Ramp. This will allow the Ohm Well to be ADA accessible to differently-abled bodies. A monetary goal of $150 has been set to purchase this ramp. Sample portable ramps can be found here.

We are honored for the support that we have already received towards these initiatives. Donations can be made directly through our site via paypal. Please indicate which initiative you are supporting.


Just like yoga, justice is a practice. It becomes more powerful and present in our lives when it is woven into our day-to-day. Spaces for healing are integral to movement towards change. White people can show their dedication to change through supporting The Yoga Freedom Fund which creates a variety of healing opportunities for black and brown people. Making space to deal with the toll of racism among those who have shared that experience is essential. Prioritization of those spaces is essential. Community health efforts enable us all to prosper and move forward. The pain inflicted upon black and brown bodies cannot be taken back. It must now be tended to with love and care.

– Colleen Joyce (Ohm Well Community member)

We’re continually thankful for and humbled by our Ohm Well community. We are definitely stronger together. As a token of appreciation, please enjoy My Body My Practice, an all-levels yoga class led by me, Ohm Well Director, Valerie McMillan. Feel free to share and hope to see you all on the mat soon!



The Ohm Well’s Yoga Freedom Fund