My grandmother Mary and my siblings Trinette, Webster and Alexander

The Well Garden allowed me to reclaim my grandmother’s land on Charbonnet Street in the lower 9th ward to cultivate a FREE community garden, that is supported by The Ohm Well’s programming. See, there’s a lot of farmer’s markets throughout the city that offer fresh produce and other items from local farmers and vendors. The difficulty comes in that these natural foods are often price prohibitive for families that need it the most. The Well Garden seeks to alleviate at least some of that barrier. We will grow local veggies, and also partner with local farmers to expand local food co-operatives. We will also lead yoga and movement classes on the land and so much more. This initiative will be funded The Ohm Well’s yoga classes that will also take place on the site and at different locations throughout the City. The Well Garden is a tool to improve health equity among communities of color, as we often lack accessibility to fresh fruits and vegetables.

Current Site of The Well Garden

Cultivation of the Garden begins October 2022. To volunteer, email [email protected]. Click here to purchase a membership or subscription to support the vision of the Well Garden! Give us a follow at @thewellgardennola. You can also donate directly through paypal below.

Site Plan for the Well Garden