1st Vaccination

I come from a family of health care providers and military personnel.  I was the first in my family to receive the Moderna vaccine in early January. I was able to take it because I currently work the New Orleans Health Department (NOHD) I definitely had some reservations about taking vaccines in general as I tend to do more homeopathic medicine. I experienced some tenderness around the injection site after I took the vaccine. I made sure to get it in my non-dominant arm.  Afterwards I took a hot yoga class and felt great! The next morning, my arm was heavy and sore. That went away after a few days and I felt fine. I took the second dose last Thursday, February 4th and barley felt the injection. I felt a little sore the next day but much less than the first time. I also felt a little tight in my muscles and just yuck for a little while the day after. Two Tylenol pills cleared that right up.

2nd Vaccination

In addition to being NOHD staff, I’m also a yoga instructor, yoga studio owner and educator.  It is important to me to lead by example and sharing my experience and decision to take the vaccine is one way to do so. It’s not a perfect science, and yes we still need to wear masks and social distance. Our national and global society has come through a pandemic before and we I ultimately took the vaccine to protect not only me but my daughter Marley, my entire family and generations to come.

Marley The Little Yogi
Why I Took the Covid-19 Vaccine