Welcome to the Ohm Well’s new site. Here are some updates for those of you that are new to The Ohm Well community and those that have been with us since the beginning. I’ve been navigating being Marley’s mom for almost two years now and learn more about myself and her everyday. I’m still nursing at 20 months and ready to start the process of weaning. Feel free to share your thoughts and what may have worked for you.

I’m an adjunct instructor at Delgado which allows me to utilize a different set of teaching skills. Each class is filled with elements of my own yoga and meditation practice as I share the gift of mindfulness with my students. We all can use reminders of how to stay in the moment whether it be at work, at school, with loved ones or even when driving.

We have new things for our Ohm Well community this summer and fall. Stay tuned for our first every yoga teacher training, as well as the return of our Baby + Me classes and other workshops.

We have 2 different blogs, Relax and Restore and Life with Marley. Relax and Restore is our general blog and will feature heart healthy recipes, meditation tips and ways to improve our overall health. Our Life with Marley blog will include my musings as a new mom as well as tips for prenatal + postnatal wellness.

As a reminder, your feedback and suggestions are always welcomed.

See you all on the mat!



Welcome to The Ohm Well
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