Workplace Wellness

The Ohm Well has brought workplace wellness to New Orleans’ City employees as well as the Institute for Women and Ethnic Studies.  Workplace wellness allows employees to exercise their bodies and mind during the work day.  These classes combine yoga, meditation and discussion to help improve the quality of life for office employees during and outside of the workday.

The Ohm Well is able to personalize individual workplace wellness plans for various work environments and staff retreats.  Here are a few of our signature workplace wellness classes:

Lunch Flow

This 30 minute yoga class  is beginner friendly and accessible to all levels.   Perfect for those in need of a midday stretch and recharge.  It is designed to wake up the body and restore the mind. The shortened class leaves time for employees to eat and make time for self care.

Club Yoga

Club Yoga is a 60 minute class with 45 minutes designated for movement, and 15 minutes dedicated to discussion and meditation.  Class begins with a few moments of meditation, then moves into approximately 10 minutes of discussion on the designated theme or book of the month/week.  After the discussion, we move through sequences to help to strength the core, improve balance and flexibility.  A gentle cool down to relax the muscles follows and class ends in restorative meditation.